May 29, 2007

Junior Mints & Iced Tea

Here's my first poem for your enjoyment.

First, a little background as to the inspiration of the poem. Writers often draw their inspiration from what they call their "muse". And while I had a muse at one time in my life, this particular poem was inspired by a box of Junior Mints.

While in a theater watching a movie and eating a box of Junior Mints, this poem, basically from out of nowhere, popped into my head. Now, it could have been equally inspired by a box of cereal or Ritz crackers or any other brand of crackers for that matter or even by a box of cookies. But it wasn't. It was inspired by Junior Mints.

Which is why I have titled this poem "Sipping Iced Tea on a Warm Sunny Day". I hope you like it.

I have a tab.
You have a slot.
I think you're pretty.
I think you're hot.

So if I ask,
Please say, "Why not?"
And let me put my tab
Into your slot.

Thank you.

I hope you liked reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Love, (and © 2007)
Dave the Romance Poet