June 6, 2007

Bird Poop

Another romantic poem that will be included in my book of romantic poems that will be published in April 2014 titled "Crabs are our friends: A collection of Romantic Poems" by Dave the Romance Poet.

Thank you.

There's a funny story behind the inspiration of this poem but I can't remember it. Well yes I can, but it's none of your damn business. OK fine, I was whacking off one day and my hand flew off and I punched myself in the forehead (too much lotion probably) and that's when it came to me. Just like that.

This poem is called "Bird Poop Dribbling Down My Windshield". I hope you like it.

Outside, it starts to rain
It falls upon your face
And makes you very wet
But that's the wrong place

But that's OK,
Just form your mouth into an "O"
I can pound that too
You filthy ho.

Thank you
©2007 Dave the Romance Poet.

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