June 15, 2007

Moss or Lichen?

It's been a while since I posted one because I can't post EVERY poem that's going to be in the book (which is titled "Crabs are our friends: A collection of Romantic Poems" by Dave the Romance Poet which is scheduled to be released April 2014).

But my beautiful friend from New Jersey asked for a new poem, so for her, I honor the request and share this with all of you.

By the way, the publisher, who just advanced me $32,000,000...a NEW WORLD RECORD!!!...is Peter Puller Press.

The inspiration for this poem came from watching a dog hump a telephone pole.

Which is why I call it "Moss (Or Is It Lichen?) Growing On The Asphalt Shingles On The Roof Of My Neighbor's Shed".

I hope you like it.

Hark! Do you hear it?
Yes! It is for sure!
There's no mistaking that sound!
The cry of a lonely whore!

I approach her quietly.
And give her some money.
A twenty dollar bill
She says, "Yeah, right, honey".

I say, "But you're lonely"
She says, "Go away.
Or give me a hundred
If you want to play."

'A hundred?', I think
I should cause a commotion!
But I go home alone
With my hand and some lotion.

And $16.22 in change.

Thank you
©2007 Dave the Romance Poet.

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