June 10, 2007

Peeing in the Creek

Once again, I'm pleased to be able to bring you an excerpt from my upcoming book titled "Crabs are our friends: A collection of Romantic Poems" by Dave the Romance Poet which is slated to be released April 2014.

As always, I like to tell my readers the inspiration for my poems. My "muse of the moment" so to speak. Inspiration for my poetry can strike at any time and be caused by virtually anything, including the most mundane things one can imagine.

The inspiration for this particular poem, however, came from something rather exciting...at least exciting by comparison to what a normal "day in the life of Dave the Romance Poet" generally is. It was inspired by a June bug flying into the screen that's in my office window. It was a funny sound (I swear I heard the bug say "Fuck" when he hit the thing) and inspired the following poem.

I call this one "Peeing In The Creek By The Light Of A Full Moon".

I hope you like it.

The firelight dances in your eyes
Much like a tiki torch.
Like the ones on "Survivor",
Or the one on my porch.

And so we made love
To an Anthrax CD
Because that's as romantic
As romance can be.

Your pouty lips
Your perfect abs
Dammit, you should've shaved
'Cause now you gave me crabs.

Thank you
©2007 Dave the Romance Poet.

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