June 2, 2007

Itchy Anus

Here's another one of my poems that will appear in my upcoming book (which is slated for release in April 2014). The book will be titled "Crabs are our friends: A collection of Romantic Poems" by Dave the Romance Poet.

This one is called "An Itchy Anus Isn't Always Something To Worry About; Sometimes It's Just An Itch."

The inspiration for this one came to me one day while moving a rock from one part of my garden to another. I hope you like it.

I jumped when I heard
The telepone ring
'Cause I was thinking of you
And masturbating.

Needless to say
The moment was ruined
And I was unable
To complete my act.

Maybe next time
With a little help from above
The phone won't ring
And I'll finish my self-love

Or maybe I'll just turn off the phone

Thank you
©2007 Dave the Romance Poet.

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